Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween Weekend + The Rugby World Cup Final

Hi guys!

Checking in again. I was wondering, are many of you catching these updates on this website? If you are let me know in the comments! Just want to make sure I'm not talking to a void haha.

Here's our latest video, it's basically a highlights reel of our weekend. Halloween, RWC, burgers, dog park, vegan food haul, you get the idea!

4 weeks until we leave, yikes!


  1. Yes I'm catching these updates as I still follow your blog on Bloglovin' from years ago! :) I love your videos and watching the process of moving x

  2. Hey Amanda I am getting your lovely to see you back on board, I am also a follower from years ago. I follow you on Bloglovin so get every post. Enjoying your journey as you countdown to departing for the UK. Tomorrow, it is 2 years since we arrived in the UK (yes we are fellow kiwis) and the excitement around it all feels like it was yesterday so particularly enjoying the reminder of how it feels leading up to D Day :-) Re access to fresh fruit & veges...I can't speak for Scotland as we are in Cambridge, but OMG the variety here is outstanding....although you can't get kumara, which we miss awfully ha!!

    1. Oh my gosh I would miss kumara so much if I couldn't find it!


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