Saturday, January 16, 2016

Travel Diaries | Amsterdam + London!

Hello again!

Today as I write I'm tucked up in a cozy corner of Copenhagen. We weren't planning to come here but booked this trip on a whim last week when we saw flights for £15 return from the UK! It has been snowing here and everything is so magical but that's a story for another day.

Here are two more travel diaries - Amsterdam and London. We had a great time in both! Amsterdam was a bit overwhelming with crowds at first but once we got used to it we had a great time. London we took pretty easy as we know we can always pop back there from Edinburgh when we feel like it, so we only did a few touristy things and mostly enjoyed a bit of R&R.

Anyway, here are the vids!

1. Exploring The Netherlands: Amsterdam & Utrecht

2. LONDON Calling!


  1. Hey, I used to read your blog way back when, and I havent had the time to watch all your recent travels, but I'm so happy you liked my city! Amsterdam really is the best <3 I can savely say, that you were probably here at the busiest time of year, christmas and new years is crazy in the city centre, haha. Glad you enjoyed it tho =) And Utrecht is really awesome as well, good choice visiting both ^-^
    Good luck with all your travels! =)

  2. Hey it's Ben St George from like waaay back when. I live in London now - let me know if you need any tips for places to eat/drink/shop in central Europe, happy to help :)


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