Saturday, March 05, 2016

So much has happened!

Hello again!

It feels like so much has happened since the last time I logged in here, but really just two [major] things:

  • I (Amanda) got a job! YAY! As a Marketing & Business Development Executive in the legal sector. Feels so good. Jeremy is still on the hunt but the right thing will pop up in good time.
  • And, we got a house! Although that's a story for another day as we haven't filmed our video of the whole ordeal just yet (and it truly was an ordeal). Full story coming soon!
Anyway, with employment and a house sorted, things are really looking up! We are getting into the groove in Edinburgh and starting to make a life here. 

Here are the latest few videos:

1. An Edinburgh Weekend (the one where I get a job)

2. A peek at what our day to day life looks like in Edinburgh: 

3. Vegan food & playing tourists:

The story of our house hunt is to come!
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