Name: Amanda Thomas
Email: amanda.ellen.thomas@gmail.com

About me:
Hello! My name is Amanda and I'm a blogger from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm 25 years old, working in marketing and communications and married to my best friend. My life is a happy bubble of blogging, running, reading and amazing friendships.

About Here Comes the Sun:
Here Comes the Sun is about documenting my adventures, personal style, photography and inspiration. I focus on life in New Zealand and love to photograph and share unique cafes and stores I visit, events I attend and little snippets of my life.

About us:
Jeremy and I are teenage sweethearts, best friends and were married in 2008. We love running together, cooking together and bonding over a love of the same TV shows. Jeremy takes most of the pictures for my blog and is a patient blogger-husband. We have one cat called Rocky (RIP Ziggy) and are loving life in Auckland. 

Answers to a few FAQ:

Q: What cameras do you use?
A: I use my iPhone 4 and Canon 400d, Fuji Instax 210, Fuji Instax Mini, LC-A+, Holga 135Bc

Q: What do you use to edit your photos?
A: It depends on what I'm doing but if I'm organising files I use Picasa, if I'm changing colours and levels I use Adobe Photoshop and i make my collages at picmonkey.com

Q: How old were you when you got married?
A: I was 21, so pretty young. I always say to people - we were unusual and we were just lucky that it was the right thing for us. I'm not necessarily an advocate of young marriage.

Q: How do you eat healthy/ stay in shape?
A: I run frequently (4ish times per week) and eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I also track my calories using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone.

Q: How can I get my products or my photography featured on your blog?
A: The best way to get in touch is to email me at amanda.ellen.thomas@gmail.com and let me know about your work. I welcome submissions or just a bit of friendly conversation. If you're interested in advertising in my sidebar or sending me an item to wear I will be able to provide you more information once I know what you're looking for.

Q: How did you gain readers for your blog when you were starting out?
A: Blogging is a community and I think it's really important to engage with others - whether through commenting on their blogs, talking on twitter or emailing. I networked a lot when I was started out which really helped. It's also good if you can update regularly, produce interesting content and always be looking for ways you can improve.

If you have any other questions, please contact me on my formspring.
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